Concept DigitalSquare

Sustainable concept

Awarded for sustainability and economy

Awarded for Sustainability

The “DigitalSquare” concept is pioneering and exemplary in terms of taking into account ecological impacts and optimized land use. The environmental aspect and an all-round package of social responsibility for the people who will work at the location in the future make the planning concept an object of illustration for exemplary planning work.

The exemplary implementation of sustainable action, both on an ecological, economic and socio-economic basis, has led to the issuance of the certificate and the associated seal of approval for "assured sustainability".

Status evaluation based on a maximum of 100 points to be achieved from the benchmark:

Ecological competence: 91 = very good
Socio-economic competence : 89 = good +
Economic competence : 88 = good +

The employees of companies operating in the future will become a supporting pillar as valuable capital of the overall concept. An exemplary and actively operated management system, with a high level of self-control through optimized implementation, guarantees the exemplary degree of ecological and socio-economic competence established on site as well as the excellent quality of service.

Building arrangements

Free-standing buildings, buildings added in a row, buildings combined with each other or buildings arranged in a courtyard.

Room edges

Clear emphasis on the edges of the room to the public space

Building heights

Physical expression of the building cubature